National Trend and Services

National Trends and Services

The purpose of the National Trends and Services Facet is to eliminate disparities by reducing barriers to services through advocacy, education, and service.

The Los Angeles Chapter has a rich history of addressing disparities through;

  1. Funding Community Remedial programs, Women’s Shelters, Support of the NAACP through the purchase of 2 chapter Life memberships and encouraging the purchase of individual Memberships, active annual participation in Voter Registration and Voter Education programs on High School and College campuses, and at community shopping Malls in conjunction with The Harbor Area Links Chapter and the Angle City Links Chapter,
  2. Coordinate 2 Essay prep Workshops for The 2017 Leadership Institute
  3. Implementing the African American Books in the Classroom project; STEM/STEAM Education and Career Readiness to improve the Literacy skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) of third grade students at Windsor Hills through increased access to books(each student is given a book ).
  4. Implementing Gumbo Girlz Mentoring Program to increase reading scores (grades 2-4). Each girl is given a Gumbo Girlz Work Book and Back Pack and is assigned a Mentor.
  5. Introducing Trash Talking: It’s No Joke; a program designed to bring awareness to the growing crisis of Bullying. The overall goal is to empower youth with the tools and skills to address bullying in all forms.
  6. Implementation of the AARP(American Association of Retired people) “Are You Ready “ Program, to provide tools and resources to support African American Women who are either preparing for life as they age, or are currently dealing with the aging process. Information is provided for life stages, and provides health, wellness and financial support and services to live your best life. Workshops are provided to seniors, Mentors and interested adults. The Los Angeles Chapter Links provided over 7,000 referrals through AARP California for the Affordable Care Act from 2013-2016, and received Western Area and National recognition from AARP.
  7. New program Initiatives under National Trends are:
  • Black Lives Matter; Los Angeles was selected as a community focal point through a Western Area Satterberg Foundation Grant, to convene a series of Round table discussions for Youth focused on Safety and engaging dialogue with Law Enforcement to change the negative dynamic that creates issues and problems in our community. The Los Angeles Chapter will collaborate with the Southern California/Nevada Cluster to begin these key dialogues.
  • Human Trafficking; in collaboration with International Trends and Services, address the issue of Human Trafficking Internationally, Nationally and locally. Outreach to women, girls and youth impacted by this terrible problem.